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Tip for low water pressure

What is water pressure ?

Water pressure is a measure of the force that gets the water through our mains and into your pipes. Water pressure determines the flow of water from the tap. 

It is measured in ‘bars’ – one bar is the force that needed to raise water to a height of 10 meters. We need pressure to push water through our pipes and into homes and businesses, whether they are in valleys, higher and hillier areas, or are raised like some flats and apartments. The higher we live, the more bar we need to get in touch with water.

The important of water pressure

Without water pressure our daily routine will become difficult because our daily routine depend the most is water and electric .Once the water pressure is low or even empty , we are hard to get water. In order to get water there need to have water pressure . As we mention earlier that water pressure is the force that lift the water up to your high household . Dun think that landed property doesn’t need water pressure , landed property get water with pipes by the water sources company like Syabas.

What happens when water pressure is too low?

Low water pressure can reduce the flow of water to little more than a trickle. This can mean that filling a kettle or waiting for a cistern to refill becomes a time-consuming chore. Low water pressure can also effect the flow of water in a shower or bath. If your water pressure is too low there is solution that can fix the problem of yours. You can find expertise ,like getting a plumber or some other profession to help.

What happens when water pressure is too high?

There are some people (generally those who have lived with low water pressure for any length of time) who see high water pressure as a good thing. However, high water pressure is one of the main causes of leaks, damage to pipes, wasted water.

While high water pressure might mean end to the century showers, but it can also be costly. Placing plumbing systems under unnecessary pressure can lead to problems that are not just annoying to resolve.


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