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Covid-19 Disinfection Sanitise Office and Home

Sanitise Disinfection home office covid-19

How to prevent COVID-19 in your office

The MCO is about to end and everyone will be back at work. At the same time, the government also called on everyone at work, whether the company’s owners or workers, to keep themselves clean at all times to prevent the virus. Large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, and government departments should be vigilant in preventing the virus.

As the leader of a company or store, the precautionary measure is to sterilize all corners of the company before employees and employees come to work to protect their safety. In addition, according to the government’s SOP, companies should have thermometers and antiseptic hand sanitizers. Every day, employees who come to work should take their temperature not only before they enter the company, but also after they leave the company. The person in charge should record their temperature in a book to ensure that all employees have no symptoms of infection. If there are symptoms of infection, should immediately go to the hospital to check. In terms of the distance between people, the company should also adjust the seating of each employee, who should keep at least 2 meters away from each other.

As a member of the company, you should also take personal precautions for the sake of all your colleagues or staff in the company. Wearing a face mask is a must whether you are inside or outside your company. The entrance of your office should be ready with a hand sanitiser and a tissue. When you get to the office, you should cooperate. Take your temperature, wash your hands, and keep your distance. Keeping your distance doesn’t mean you can’t talk to your co-workers at work. You can still talk to them, but at a distance, not to mention without a mask. If you feel any discomfort before going to work, you should ask for leave immediately and go to the hospital for a check-up. All visitor are to register before entering your office and to be checked on their temperature.

How to prevent COVID-19 at your home

We should know better than anyone how to keep our homes clean, because that’s where we live. Precautions at home should not only be to buy enough antiseptic hand sanitizers, but every home should also have a thermometer if possible. Everyone in the family should take their temperature every day when they get up and before going to bed. Special attention should be paid to children and the elderly, as they are the most vulnerable groups. If the head of the family or a member of the family returns from a trip, shower immediately. Ordinary family members at home, also want to keep themselves clean, of course, also want to pay attention to their diet.

Not only that, the home also can ask professional disinfection team to disinfect the corner of the home. Now this situation, we should actually pay for a professional disinfection team to disinfect. Even though we clean our homes every day, there are still a lot of germs that we can’t see.

What we are provide

Our company provides virus disinfection services which is best to counter covid 19. Why choose us? Our team serves quickly with efficiency, and we are certified skilled workers in this area. With our services, you can have peace in mind and your love one will be prevented from getting infected with covid 19.

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